The strategic partnership created with government officials, public advocacy groups, regulators, political activists and influential neighbors is the strength and expertise of the DSNYgroup. Whether you are a national corporation, real estate developer, local business owner, or private citizen there are issues and concerns, that at times, require immediate action with experienced professionals.

These services require the presentation of your issues concisely, clearly and compelling to gain the support and trust of the public. DSNYgroup will make this presentation to ensure your message, concern or issue receives the highest priority and consideration.

DSNYgroup team also prides themselves on having excellent relationships with elected officials, human resource organizations and civic groups that are essential to gain public support of all issues.

Our services include:

• State and local government relations
• Real Estate issues
• Human services advocacy
• Private and public funding resources
• Expediting

DSNYgroup navigates through the bureaucratic “red tape” providing the results necessary to achieve your goals.

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